PAC Assault Rifle

Assault Rifle

weapon (ranged)

The Propellant Assisted Coil Assault Rifle, PACAR (Pack-ar), or PAC Assault Rifle.

+5 Damage


The melding of a caseless round assault rifle and coil-gun(Similar to a Rail-gun). Given a decent time to accelerate, a coil gun could produce projectiles at close to the speed of electricity, if not light. But the length of the barrel would be astronomical. This Rifle starts the acceleration of its projectile with a chemical propellant to achieve supersonic speeds saving battery and capacitance needs. Then it accelerates that supersonic bullet, with electro-magnetic forces, by an order of magnitude. Now you have a rifle that could punch a hole in an Abrams Tank.

The old phrase “Packing Heat” has been replaced with simply “PAC’n”.

PAC Assault Rifle

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