Ensign Jennings

Somewhat Naive but Capable Officer


Str +1
Dex +1
Con +1
Int +4
Wis +2
Cha +2

Total bonus +11 – Overpowered by True 20 Standards (6-7 is considered Heroic 8-10 over-the-top)

Expert Role – Core Ability “Higher Purpose”
Military Background
Initiative +1_____(Dex only)
Attack Bonus +1___(Dex only)
Damage +1 Melee___(Str only)
Defense 11________(Dex only)
Toughness +1______(Con only)

Reflex Good +3 (2sv 1dex)
Fort Normal +1 (Con)
Will Normal +2 (Wis)


Lieutenant Jennings, although capable of motivating and organizing a workforce, his naivete and lack of experience cripple his leadership considerably during a crisis, and he knows it.

Fresh from the Naval Academy, Alfred Jennings was set in charge of a desk, and commanded forms to be filled out by his own pen. His abilities have never been truly put to test.

Ensign Jennings

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