Scars of Elysium

North to Prometheus

Journeying north, supplies dwindle as the party begins plans for foraging to feed 27 29 28 people…

The survivors discover a destroyed escape pod with two survivors, a doctor and an engineer.

Following an attack that leaves one civilain dead, they find that thier food problem is temporarily sated.


Unfortunately that insufferable Jack a nape Jack showed up, and now i have to deal with my childhood memories all over again… anyhoot, between bears that make grizzlies look like puppy dogs and anteater armadillo cross breeds this place is looking fair to be interesting. is it bad that i think this will be a pretty good RnR tour? anyhoot, gonna need to look at a new approach to training the boys and girls, without our standard gear we’re gonna need to amp up the old sensitivity and danger sense training. hope they don’t realize that its SpecOps techniques, and the O-ranks don’t get wind of all this… anyhoot, wonder how many of the civilians would be amenable to be trained as auxilaries, and how many arms do i twist to make it 100%. hmmm, i might have a use for ole Jat-Jat after all, (evil chuckle…)

North to Prometheus

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