Scars of Elysium

Delving under the city

After a frantic battle with the infected elders on the bridge spanning the chasm, the group splits once again to begin a journey through the depths of the installations and derelicts beneath the city.

On the run

A few days of rest and foraging on the road ends with a quiet bonfire.

North to Prometheus

Journeying north, supplies dwindle as the party begins plans for foraging to feed 27 29 28 people…

The survivors discover a destroyed escape pod with two survivors, a doctor and an engineer.

Following an attack that leaves one civilain dead, they find that thier food problem is temporarily sated.


The survivors arrived at the first crumb of civilization. Revelations and speculations of the environment and of the nature of the planet are entertained.

The survivors learn of a piece of the space station that fell some distance to the north, and after two days of rest, learning, and negotiation, the survivors that are still able to march, head northward with their two guides.

The Village Idiots

Suffering from extreme fevers, the survivors fight to live. Due to internal injuries, the captain of the Prometheus dies.

Upon awakening, the survivors find that they are able to communicate with the natives of the planet, a strangely similar to human species with furry-pointy ears, similar to a dog’s.

The two Natives agree to take them to the village that of which they have been unofficially exiled from.

Fall of the Prometheus

Shortly after a mysterious reading was noticed from the station’s sensors, saboteurs were found setting up explosives and other devices. Though the forces were defeated, the station was attacked by and unknown battleship resulting in the destabilization of the station’s orbit.

Battered and bruised, survivors of the Prometheus attempt to set up on a deserted beach, but were rendered unconscious by a glowing fog.


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