Scars of Elysium.

-Crash Landing…and other extreme sports.

This short guide will be for the benefit of bring you up to speed(Storywise), backstory of the setting, and character creation/progression for players.

To truly make use of this page and to contribute notes and logs, you’ll need to sign up for a free account. Afterward send me a message or email and I’ll add you to the Player Roster.

Creating logs in the adventure log section should be limited to one log per session, anyone is free to comment in order to add notes, suggest changes to the main post for easier access to important notes, or to simply add in their two cents and recap of personal experience.

Character Sheets do not need to be posted but a general outline of you character should be available in the Characters tab. Let me know if you have and outline to post or need help posting it.

Scars of Elysium

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