The Setting

You are human.

There is no such thing as magic. Magic is defined as technology that cannot be fully understood by the beholder…

At least, this is what your 16th grade quantum mechanics teacher probably tried to sell you on.

Life for you has taught you to be insulted by the idea of magic, entertained by it, or accepted as a true belief. What ever your attitude towards it happens to be, it will soon be tested.

One way or another you have come to live on one of Earth’s greatest triumphs, The Prometheus. The first science observatory to orbit a world that seems to require no terraforming to be inhabited. While not the first planet earth has begun to colonize, it is the first they’ve attempted to and failed miserably. Nothing is able to get through it’s atmosphere intact. Radiation of varying levels prevent radar penetration, light is scattered making photography and laser distance measurements distorted, and physical probes fry their own circuitry on entry.

Evidence of technology or a natural high atmosphere electrical charge? Plans for a space elevator are in the works, people are itching with mixed feelings of apprehension and some have begun to liken the experience to the opening of the mythical box of Pandora. And then there are other powers that have more sinister plans.


In other parts of the Galaxy, things are getting very exciting for humans as they are on the brink of being able to control gravity beyond that which is needed for maintaining the equivalent of earth’s own forces. The jump gates have proven reliable enough for exploratory ships to see what is out there. But research into what makes them tick has proven fruitless. Theories of ancient alien technology have been examined and wormhole theory has been quoted, but nothing has been proven as of yet. Rumors of first contact with another alien space-faring race have been circulating as well, but not hard evidence has made it past the top secret ratings of deep space exploration.

The Setting

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