Getting Started

This Game uses the “True 20” gaming system published by Green Ronin.

As D20 systems go, this is one is fairly open ended, with plenty of room for expansion and house rules. Players have a wide selection of feats to customize their characters with and fewer worries and calculations. Much of it will be very familiar, but, as with any new system, there are some kinks.

Stick with the Character Creation guide for changes to how the rules work for basic stats (Str, Dex, Int) and count on flipping through your copy of the book to familiarize yourself with the new concepts. Don’t get worked up if you don’t understand the mechanics of everything right away, we’re going to keep it fairly casual for now. We just need a reference point of your character’s range of abilities.

For a little more background info, check out the section on game settings and read through the defined technology ratings on page 182(PDF 183). You and I live in TR5, the information age. Our characters in the story skirt the line between TR6 and TR7 as gravity manipulation is barely becoming understood. Reading through both of them should give you an understanding of where the human civilization is at.

Once you have an idea where the human race is at, make sure you know about your character’s location in the universe by reading up on The Setting and P238’s Background.

Getting Started

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