Character Creation

You are human.

Please don’t give me guff about this.

You are not much more than an average Joe.

You might be thinking, “I Don’t play these games to be normal, I want to be extraordinary/alien/super/abstract/lovecraftian/a stuffed animal/Chibi/…” etc., etc..Give it time, this game is about exploration, growth, BECOMING Heroic and extraordinary, and leadership.

Now that that’s over, let’s get back to your character sheet.

1. For the concept, use as an example a character you like from science fiction like “Starship Troopers”, “Aliens”, “Star Trek”, or “Firefly”. While I hint at the possibility of gaining extraordinary power within the campaign, you are restricted from Powers and the Adept role. This means you are limited to Warrior, Expert, and Specialist(page 186/187) roles. Grab your Background bonuses from the Space Adventure Chapter or one that will fit from the Modern Adventures Chapter.

2. Ability Scores are handled differently here, by the core rules you wouldn’t be rolling in the traditional 3d6 range. I’m not a fan of this, I like my rolling. So 4D6 drop the lowest and re-roll 1’s. Nothing that goes below a -1 bonus counts. if you roll a 6 or 7, re-roll. If it’s an 8, you keep that -1 bonus. If this doesn’t sound fair, let me know, but before you argue about your rolls, check to see if you could do better with True20’s rules, if not, I’m not going to change it. Once you have the traditional bonus scores throw away the D6 rolls(the 3-18) and you have your True20 Ability Scores.

3. Your Core Abilities are NOT set in stone by your starting role. There will Options, so leave that blank for now. You can fill it in either when I get done with that wiki page or on Saturday.

4. Feats and Skills (F/S) are handled just as the book describes just be sure to cover both the base game F/S and those covered by the Science fiction game setting section (pg.187 -ish).

Sample Character

Character Creation

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